Just use you're fucking imagination people. Smile. and believe in your AWESOMENESS!!


i blame idaho for how i feel but i know that this poor state may not be the reason… I’ve never hated my life so much, or wanted to stop living. I’m not saying this to scare anyone or grab attention. I just want someone to listen, and right now, tumblr is all i have. Nobody listens here, least i haven’t found anyone. Doctors here suck… The fact that you’re only in your office 2x a week really doesn’t do it justice for me. I need help… and i need it now… waiting another week just to schedule an appointment every time i need to schedule one is a pointless waste of time. ANd it’s not just one of you who does this, it’s the last 3 i’ve seen.  Fuck you guys. I want to fix my problem, and i want to fix it NOW. Not wait till i get to darker places. I’m afraid of those darker places… You guys don’t listen… I want to be a doctor… but i can’t say that i’ve ever hated them so much since coming to this state… You don’t get to diagnose me then disappear off the planet.. I fucking need professional advise, not someone to say that i’m screwed up, hand me a bottle of pills, then walk away .